Maiyo Vierro


Maiyo Vierro is a Braavosi merchant and swordsman. He is charming, witty, and intelligent. The oily
Vierro assumes the air of a charming importer and exporter of “quality Braavosi goods.”.

He is known to Verity Stone to be Glarus Ptek, a merchant of Poisons and handler of secretive packages. He prides himself on discretion within his business dealings and if confronted about his less seemly acts, will deny them vehemently.

He makes most of his business from the sale of a heinously strong Braavosi whiskey-wine called cheldarro that King Robert once considered outlawing, after a particularly harrowing night and painful next morning.

Vierro is rakishly handsome and has an easy smile, a small, neat beard and moustache, and shiny black hair worn in a topknot. His eyes are intensely green and his wolfish smile bright white.

Maiyo Vierro