Joris Landseer


A dark, gruff, lean, old man, Ser Joris Landseer frequents the Greentree Inn. He regularly occupies a corner table in the common room, swilling ale and regaling disinterested whores (and anyone else unfortunate enough to sit near him) with his exploits on behalf of King Robert during the Rebellion. Although it is possible he fought on behalf of the king, it seems unlikely based on his current condition—that of a broken-down alcoholic hedge knight with just enough cash to drink himself into a stupor until his liver yields and surrenders up his spirit.

After a log night of drinking, Ser Joris convinced a number of House Jusenius members to accomapny him to apprehend the Fox Knight. The initial foray only succeeded in slaying an errant boar. After much name calling and jeering, Ser Joris was delivered a chellenge from the Fox Knight insiting that they meet in the King’s wood.

(details of their meeting are detailed at Clayton Archay

Joris Landseer