* House Jusenius

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House Jusenius was founded during the early days of Robert’s Rebellion, initially it was a confederation of mountain clans and sellswords. The home of House Jusenius is a castle in the mountains above the Bay of Crabs named Greyskull, it was awarded to Merik Jusenius after Robert’s Rebellion for their steadfast defense of the Vale of Arryn during the siege of the Bloody gate

Targaryan armies attempted to starve out the residents of the veil by blockading Gulltown, the Bloody Gate, other ports and points of entry. Some houses in the Vale turned cloak and supported the Targaryans, seeing an opportunity for coin and glory, Merik Jusenius and his brother traveled the riverlands and the Mountains of the Moon rounding up sellswords and clansmen. Through guile and coin, Merik and his brother massed a formidable force, using their knowledge of the terrain and refusing to afford enemy soldiers the luxury of surrender they summarily destroyed (some say demoralized to the point of surrender that was not acknowledged) the siege lines of the Targaryans.

During the rout of the Bloody Gate, Lord Jusenius’ brother Bran was lost in the fray of the battle, House Jusenius has a special (and understood by all men at the gate) reply to the routine question of “Who would pass the Bloody Gate?”. Because of the location of their keep, they have little need of it aside from formal appearances with their liege lord.

During the war, Ser John Arryn promised lands and castle of Greyskull to Merik Jusenius. Immediately after being named he had conducted himself as “Lord Merik Jusenius” despite not yet being officially named, and his lands and title being dependent on Robert’s victory.

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* House Jusenius