Clayton Archay


Lord Clayton Archay is the last surviving member of House Archay, in some circles he is known as “The Fox Knight” because his house’s sigil is an orange fox head on a purple field. He fought for the Targaryens during Robert’s Rebellion and refused to accept King Robert’s generous pardon to subjects willing to bend the knee to their new king. Instead, Archay fled into the countryside and took up arms. He fancies himself a loyalist supporter of a wrongly deposed king, but most people dismiss him as a madman or a bandit, and few people even remember his house, much less his name.

Of late, Archay has taken to the kingswood and, as “The Fox Knight,” he occasionally harasses and robs travelers passing through the region in the name of the “one true king.”

Maester Rudolphus has mentioned that “Lord Merik Jusenius gave Archay a near fatal sword thrust early in Robert’s Rebellion as Targaryan forces were massed at The Bloody Gate. The dispatching of Lord Archay led to the eventual rout and removal of Targaryan allied armies from the Vale of Arryn and could be considered instrumental to Robert’s Rebellion.”

Lord Archay was killed by House Jusenius in the King’s wood, House Jusenius tagged along with Ser Joris Landseer, whose presence had been requsted by the Fox Knight

Ser Joris was served in the night by a letter from Ser Archay, delivered in the night to the Inn of the Green Tree. The letter challenged Ser Joris to single combat, Orten Lugus accompanied the elder knight, ostensibly to coerce the Fox Knight to surrender. Members of * House Jusenius and Bryan “Byron” Telson accompanied the group despite their better judgement and humiliation from the previous day’s dolly. The confrontation ended with the death of the Fox Knight who refused to yield, and instead spit blood upon Orten Lugus and decried him as a traitor. Olrych Stone placed a blade to the throat of Orten Lugus and demanded information (much to the dismay of Bryan “Byron” Telson), after some questioning it was revealed that Orten had staged the delivery of the letter. He intended to use the members of House Jusenius to eliminate Lord Archay to win the favor of the King for his family by eliminating a staunch Targaryan loyalist from the King’s wood.

Lord Archay’s head was delivered to the Mud Gate by Verity Stone and the deed was noted by Ser Barristan Selmy. It is recorded as the final end House Archay.

Clayton Archay