Bryan "Byron" Telson


Bryan Telson is hedge knight from Dorne. He journeys to King’s Landing in order to take part in the King’s Melee, to win glory for himself and attempt to become a landed knight of status.

Named “Byron” by members of House Jusenius. He takes the nickname as a sign that he has been accepted by the members of House Jusenius, and accepts it willingly as he has grown to trust House Jusenius as his friends. Bryan admires the way they have conducted themselves honorably despite constant setbacks.

Bryan has a reputation as a storyteller insofar as he has a single story that he continues to tell. Anyone that meets him is liable to hear the tale of the blade “Scorpion”, a Valyrian steel sword taken from a fallen Dornish lord “Valyrian steel sword, awarded to a great Dornish warrior by his prince for service in driving out the forces of Daeron I after the Conquest of Dorne. The sword, was passed down from Lord to heir for generations. A number of years ago, the Lord was murdered and the sword stolen by unknown parties. The sword is rumored to have a pattern along the blade that looks like a scorpion poised to strike on one side, some say that it looks like a bunch of reddish swirls”. Some have mentioned that he repeats the story as though he has only ever met one bard in his travels.

Bryan Telson is a capable but humble young knight, tall and rail thin, but a layer of tight muscle and sinew cover his bony frame. Though young, his bronzed face is hard, well worn by the sun and winds of his homeland. He has black hair and typically at least a day or two’s growth of beard. His dark eyes are both intense and earnest. Some have remarked that he speaks well above his station and enunciates some words to a degree well above his ken.

Bryan "Byron" Telson