Adham Dannet


Adham Dannett is the son of Alfric Dannett. He is sixteen, full of fire, and eager to prove his worth in the king’s tournament. Adham is thrilled at the prospect of heaping glory upon his house’s august name, and he submits to a grueling training regimen in hopes of overcoming the other knights flocking to King’s Landing’s lists.

A knight loyal to Alfric Dannett fostered Adham from a young age, shielding him from the truth of his house’s deepening poverty and desperation. Adham does not know that his family’s situation is so dire. Alfric showers the boy with princely gifts, adding to Adham’s misconceptions about his house’s standing, as well as the Dannetts’ debt.
Adham is also unaware of his sister’s current activities; he only knows that his father arranged an advantageous marriage for her, from which she has fled.

The boy is vexed to learn that his beloved sister turned her back on the family. He and she were close, and he believed her as stalwart a Dannett as himself. Part of him cannot accept that she would shirk her duty as a daughter and besmirch their family’s honor, but he cannot fathom that his father would deceive him, either.

Adham has received a knight’s training, but because of his father’s deferential treatment he has not seen the worst of a what a knight’s life can entail. He has a strong sense of honor and an intense distaste for injustice.

Adham Dannet died under mysterious circumstances following a joust with Olrych Stone of * House Jusenius. After both combatants fell from their horses, Olrych Stone arose to find the you Dannett writhing on the ground. A squire from house dannett soon swept up the helpless heir.

Adham dannet died soon after the joust, the cause of death are still a matter of popular conjecture, some say that an ill magic had befallen him, others insist that he had imbibed too heartily and was slain due to his own folly. A definitive cause of death has not yet been confirmed, despite House Dannett’s maester’s efforts.

Adham Dannet